To upload your rebalancing order to a brokerage account, we recommend creating an account in Interactive Brokers (if you don’t have one already), funding it, and using Trader Workstation to upload your rebalancing order.

All these steps are necessary to successfully invest in the The AP US Large-Cap Hedged 1.5X Shares Strategy, part of which is the use of our rebalancing application.

For those who are interested in our Interactive Brokers advisory service, we are offering our full support with these tasks.

Whether you choose to get our help with these procedures or try to proceed on your own is completely up to you.

We will guide you through the process of:

Creating an IBKR account

Interactive Brokers is a great broker overall but the account creation process is
somewhat complicated. You are going to be notified in advance of what types of
documents and information we are going to need to fill the application form. The
whole process should take about an hour but it might require up to 3 business days for
your account to get approved by IBKR.

Funding the account

You can either send your money right away after finishing the account creation
process or you might want to wait a few days for your account to get approved.
Either way, you are going to need to get the document with payment information
from the Interactive Brokers website first. Then you are going to send the money
from your bank account according to the document‘s instructions. There are
different requirements and fee rates banks have for this wire transfer. Part of our
service is to identify the most economical way for you to fund your account.

Using the Trader Workstation application

The Trader Workstation is a rather complex tool, especially for beginners.
Using the TWS application is inevitable since it is the only way
to upload the rebalancing order containing your stock portfolio.
We are going to make sure that the purchase of stocks is
accomplished without any error.

Using the IBKR website and mobile application

The website application is a great tool for monitoring the actual price of each stock
and the whole portfolio as well. There is also a mobile application for those who
want to check their performance at any time. We will help you understand how to
use these applications at your convenience.

Whether you choose to get our help with these procedures or try to proceed on your own is completely up to you.

You can find our guides for each part of the process down below.