Say goodbye to uninformed investment advices

Factor investing and pattern investing
bring better results


Say goodbye to uninformed investment advices

Factor investing and pattern investing
bring better results

Artificial Intelligence in Finance

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is a worldwide tool in the field of finance and it’s helping many to start investing. Investment banks and funds are already highly aware of the benefits of this instruments and now it’s your time to use them!

We, at Analytical Platform, believe that this is the way to make the right financial decisions and it could be used by everyone. Adopting AI in your personal finances is the way for your financial independence.

Our tools

StockPicking LabPattern Lab

The application is based on factor investing and stock-picking. Using artificial intelligence, we bring you:

  • list of undervalued stocks that are growing faster than the market
  • a list of overvalued stocks whose price is growing more slowly.

We use 2237 predictors to calculate each ticker’s symbol score every day. To fulfil the same goal, the best financial analysts use less than 100 predictors.

1st and only price pattern management application on the market. It provides backtesting of more than 60 Patterns for more than 1300 assets.

Go to sleep, enjoy your life and let our Pattern Lab work for you. Don’t worry, we will notify you when something important is happening on the market.

Investment strategies

Invest in stocks with one of our proven investment strategies.

Investment strategy S&P 100 Balanced StrategyInvestment strategy AP 20 LONGS

Beat the market on risk-adjusted return. For risk-averse investors seeking stability.

S&P 100 Balanced Strategy is an above-average return and low volatility long-short equity strategy.

Beat the market on absolute return. For investors pursuing high returns on their investment.

AP 20 LONGS is a high return and average volatility strategy.

With the help of the StockPicking lab, you do not have to be a stock-picking expert.

Just select one of our investment strategies based on your risk tolerance and expected return.
You only need to set up your brokerage account and apply the strategy according to our instructions.


Last year I started investing in stocks. The learning process was difficult and I  wasn’t able to achieve a good yield on my own. I tried to make my portfolio with the help of a few stock screeners, but only with with the Analytical Platform I have managed to achieve my desired results.

Vaclav B. (27)
Mechanical Engineer, StockPicking Lab user

I used to spend 6 hours per day analysing candlestick charts. Since I started using the Pattern Lab tools I just have to set up alerts and wait for the pattern to occur. I was also able to evaluate my previous strategies and found out that some of them were only effective in a short-term period.

Stevan H. (23)
Active Trader, Pattern Lab user

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