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Stock ranking

Is your favourite stock overvalued or undervalued? Check out its AP score and find out. The higher the score, the more growth potential a stock has.

In fact, our ‘Most undervalued’ stocks are beating the market by 3-to-1. So if you invested $10,000 in our ‘A ranked’ stocks back in 2008, you would now be sitting on a cash pile of almost $80,000!

Stocks ratings are available in the Free Plan!

Investment strategies

Risk tolerance, investment goals and loss tolerance make up personal risk profile to define your relationship with risk and return. Go deeper and achieve your investment goals.

Just select one of our investment strategies based on your risk tolerance and expected return.

AP US Large-Cap Hedged 1.5X Shares strategyAP US Large-Cap Aggressive strategy

Beat the market on risk-adjusted return. For risk-averse investors
seeking stability.

The AP US Large-Cap Hedged 1.5X Shares Strategy is an above-average return and low volatility long-short equity strategy.

Beat the market on absolute return. For investors pursuing
high returns on their investment.

The AP US Large-Cap Aggressive strategy is a high return and average volatility strategy.

Check out our proven investment strategies.

How to apply our strategies?

1) Open and fund an account in Interactive Brokers, one of the biggest brokers located in the United States, with your money insured for up to 500 000 USD.

2) Use the Pro Plan, choose the best strategy suitable for you, and enter an initial capital. The Analytical Platform will create a batch of orders in CSV document type, based on our newest stocks ranking.

3) Upload the rebalance order to the IBKR TWS platform. That’s all, your portfolio will exactly copy our analytics.

4) Repeat the process according to your rebalancing frequency and current IBKR portfolio. 

Professional investment tools

Our Premium Plan brings investment tools for asset managers, financial analytics, institutional investors and financial whales.


Last year I started investing in stocks. The learning process was difficult and I  wasn’t able to achieve a good yield on my own. I tried to make my portfolio with the help of a few stock screeners, but only with with the Analytical Platform I have managed to achieve my desired results.

Vaclav B. (27)
Mechanical Engineer, user of our Investment Strategies

I used to spend 6 hours per day analysing candlestick charts. Since I started using the Pattern Lab tools I just have to set up alerts and wait for the pattern to occur. I was also able to evaluate my previous strategies and found out that some of them were only effective in a short-term period.

Stevan H. (23)
Active Trader, Pattern Lab user

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