Pattern Lab - Software for Pattern Investing

Simplify looking for Price Patterns

Pattern Lab – Software for Pattern Investing

Pattern Lab monitors the subsequent movement of the price of assets, such as stocks, oil or gold. It tests more than 60 known price patterns in one place for more than 1,300 types of investments on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

Why use Pattern Lab?


Useful candlestick

Test all your trading strategies built on candlestick patterns and receive alerts when your chosen patterns occur in real time.


Pattern Lab is faster and can process many qualitative and quantitative inputs, which often cannot be easily identified.

Expert know-how of patterns of behaviour

Proven expert knowledge combined with regular statistical analysis.

Pattern Lab

How does Pattern Lab work

05 Steps

01. Initial setup
Choose a timeframe, candlestick pattern, favourite asset, risk per trade, take profit and stop loss.
02. Test
Run a fast backtest.
03. Result inspecting
Inspect the results for the chosen strategy.
04. Make adjustments
Check if any adjustments are needed and save your preferences automatically.
05. Set alerts
Receive an e-mail notification when your chosen pattern occurs.
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