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About StockPicking Lab

Rely on proven and robust strategies that utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to get better results for your investments. StockPicking Lab brings you everything enough to decide which stock is good to go.

Stock ranking

„Stock-selection“ process of our AI. Our model checks over 3000 indicators to evaluate an individual stock. After this evaluation, it creates a list of stocks based on the assigned points. It ranks those stocks from most undervalued to overvalued, with the A mark being the most undervalued and the E mark being the most overvalued.
stock ranking

A mark

The most undervalued stocks are the stocks with the highest growth potential regarding risk compared to other evaluated stocks. Hence, this does not mean that single stocks shown as undervalued will consistently outperform the overvalued stocks.

E mark

Additionally, the more undervalued stocks demonstrated lower declines compared to more overvalued stocks. Nonetheless, it doesn't automatically imply that they are bearish.

Do not choose one of our stocks and stick to it. The rankings we provide are proven with quintiles (consisting of 20 stocks to which the AI assigned the same marks) by both backtest and live trading operations. So, our stock ranking tool suggests that the portfolio should be robustly diversified. Instead of buying single stocks, diversify your portfolio and use our rankings for long-term investing with monthly rebalances.

Investment Strategies

AI-powered investment strategies bring higher performance, minimizing the drawdowns and eliminating the loss periods. Our strategies are based on investing in the largest publicly traded American companies from the S&P500 index. The value of these companies is constantly growing over time, which in the last 13 years represents an average of 9.04% per year. Still wondering, why we are better than others? Read a comparison with the biggest and best US funds.

Performance Master (300 × 200 px) (6)

AP US Large-Cap Hedged 1.5X Shares

Aims to outperform the S&P 500 in risk-adjusted return, achieving above-average returns and low volatility.
30.41% Lower max drawdown than S&P 500.
performance master

AP US Large-Cap Aggressive

Aims to outperform the S&P 500 in absolute return while taking similar risks, achieving high return and average volatility.
8.21% Higher performance than S&P 500.
Stockpicking lab chart - performance
How to use strategies?

Strategies use stock ranking and are designed to be rebalanced monthly. Thus, that means our strategies are valid for one month. To simplify the process, we have developed a rebalancing application that is connected with Interactive Brokers and automates the whole process of rebalancing. So you can have your new robust portfolio in less than 10 minutes. Also, they are designed for long-term investing, not for beating the market every single month. The advantages of the investment approach are usually manifested within a horizon of at least one year.

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