About Analytical Platform

About us

Analytical Platform is an online platform for investment companies to whom it simplifies the work of analytical department, front-office, back office and compliance.

We’re taking finance to the next level.
Since 2016 we have been focusing on research and development in using artificial intelligence, data analytics and machine learning in finance and investments. Analytical Platform helps investment funds, securities traders and professional investors gain higher alpha, and lower beta and get flawless records of investment decisions.

Better data. Better decisions. Better results.


We offer various specialized tools and services in a flexible and personalized way to fit our customer's needs.


We provide data-driven solutions for your business using machine learning, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. Our commitment to quality results in producing and delivering tools that you can count on.

Investors. Advisers. Service providers.
We’re all in this together.

Our key team members
Our team is composed from machine learning experts, statisticians, programmers and economists. We work closely with partner universities.