Margin fees on IBKR

ByByDavid Bednařík17. 1. 2022

The main topics of the article are why we are borrowing funds to implement this strategy and how we can calculate the amount of money we are going to borrow.

Technical Updates of the Rebalancing Application 2

ByByDavid Bednařík3. 1. 2022

The purpose of this update was to reduce the brokerage fees and also to improve rebalanced portfolio’s overall performance.

Results of our StockPicking Strategies for the Year of 2021

ByByJiří Fuchs3. 1. 2022

With the year 2021 behind us comes the time for balancing. For the U.S. stock market, it was again a time of incredible growth, when indices have reached all-time highs.

Comparison of the Results from Pattern Lab and Manual Backtest

ByByDavid Bednařík30. 12. 2021

How does the Pattern Lab’s backtester work? Why should I always validate my strategies by doing a manual backtest? You will find the answers to these questions in this article. For the comparison, we used the first version of Pattern Lab, released on 2021/12/01.

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