Video summarization using machine learning and AI

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Video summarization using machine learning and AI

Video summarization using machine learning and AI
An ordinary financial market analyst works by reading a large number of articles, watching broadcasts summarizing meetings of central banks, economic symposia, and speeches of statesmen, or watching announcing the results of individual companies included in his portfolio.

Nowadays, when we hear about AI everywhere, this way of analytical work is outdated. The Analytical Platform therefore brings tools that make analysts’ work more efficient and less time consuming.

An application that brokerage analysts have been using for a long time is Summary of Financial Articles, which analyzes tens of thousands of analyses and articles every month. It provides users with a summarized overview of the companies they are interested in, the development of sentiment, and many other interesting metrics.

Newly, in addition to articles, we allow users to analyze videos (not only from the area of ​​investments). Users enter a video URL and our software creates a summarized overview of the video.

Competing services on the market also enable text summarization, with the help of chat GPT. Our advantage is that we bring a large number of additional services and meta-information. In addition to summarizing, we also allow you to identify discussed topics and keywords in the video. We are also preparing the identification of named entities (persons, places, time,…). This information allows analysts to make more advanced decisions or implement gained data into their investment models.

Below you can find a video tutorial on how to analyze video in the DPS Analytical Platform. The application also offers a large number of other Natural Language Processing components.

Access to the application is part of the Analytical Platform Premium subscription.  Alternatively, we can include you among our (free of charge) test users and listen to your feedback and needs to make your analytical work and our tools more efficient.