Rebalancing app

About Rebalancing Application

The rebalancing app is designed for semi-automated rebalancing of robust stock portfolios managed in Interactive Brokers.

Why use the rebalancing application?
rebalancing app
Save 95 % of time
The app shorten a process needed for rebalancing your portfolio by more than 90 %. Rebalancing portfolio composed from 40 stocks manually takes around 2 hours. With our application the whole process takes less than 10 minutes.
Eliminate the possibility of errors
Atomized reading of your current positions and the following machine recalculation eliminates the possibility of errors. The needed input for the rebalancing app is an IBKR statement. As an output you get a batch of orders in CSV format to be uploaded into the Interactive Brokers‘ desktop application, Trader Workstation. You get also the PDF report back-upping and describing realized moves.
Support of buying fractional shares
Enabling you to have a balanced portfolio and trade all the shares exactly as stated in the current Stock Ranking list. For example, if one share is USD 150.29 and the ideal position is USD 4,500, the application will include the purchase of 29.9421 (= 4,500 / 150.29).
Save inefficient fees
The app is built to integrate only orders that wouldn’t be affected by the transaction fee too much. At the moment the limit is set to USD 50 difference from the original price. This means that if you have purchased shares for USD 4,500 then the value of the position would only be adjusted in the next rebalance if the value of the new position would be more than USD 4,550 or less than USD 4,450.

Note: The application creates rebalancing orders that are equal for everyperson trading with the same amount of money. The output is not suitable for any person in particular because it is not considering any personal circumstances of the individual.