New SFA features

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New SFA features

We have deployed a new version of our SFA (Summary of Financial Articles) software.

We have recently added:

  • filtering articles according to the date of their publication, from one day to an unlimited long history.
  • determining sentiment either directly in the articles about selected tickers or in all articles where ticks are (even marginally) mentioned.

We believe that we will further contribute to supporting your decision-making process when trading on the capital markets.


SFA (Summary of Financial Articles) software tool helps users to focus on important informations and to get vital insights from all the data. SFA enables users to quickly navigate through the data by augmenting articles with smart metadata, provided by artificial intelligence. The system performs analysis of all published articles using NLP (Natural Language Processing) methods and generates descriptive metadata, that can’t be otherwise obtained, given the number of published articles every day. Read more.