Monthly Picks – June

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Monthly Picks – June

In the Monthly Picks series, we highlight 3 stocks that our model identified to have high growth potential during this month. Out of nearly 3,000 different indicators, our model selected the 19 most significant to evaluate and rank stocks from the S&P 100 index. Apart from a short description of each company, we also describe their most outstanding indicators. Additionally, we bring you the latest news and market sentiment regarding these companies.

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Among the stocks that have high potential to grow in June are:

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) ranked 1st in our list

Occidental Petroleum Corporation is a US energy giant that does oil and gas exploration as well as petroleum refinery. It is an international company that operates in the United States, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. With its current market capitalization of USD 65B, Oxy is viewed as an important player in the energy sector.

Oxy had the highest momentum of all the evaluated stocks. Our model currently rates long term momentum as the second most significant indicator. At present, its weight is 12.07%.

The momentum indicator measures the speed at which a stock’s price changes. High positive momentum indicates a great chance that a stock’s price will continue in an uptrend.


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NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) ranked 4th in our list

An American company that focuses on the production of graphics processors and chips, not only for the gaming industry but also for the automotive industry. It is one of the biggest companies in the industry, with EBIT of 10,177 billion in 2021. It is thus one of the ten largest chip companies, along with companies such as Intel, AMD, and MediaTek.

Among large-cap companies analyzed by our model, the relatively low value of the P/CF ratio is particularly remarkable. With 4.09%, this indicator currently has a slightly below average weight in our model.

P/CF indicator compares the current market capitalization of a company to how much cash the company is generating. A low P/CF ratio may imply that a stock is undervalued.


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Medtronic plc (MDT) ranked 17th in our list

Medtronic is a global leader in the healthcare technology. The company mainly operates in the US but has its headquarters in Ireland for tax purposes. With a market capitalization of USD 127B, it is the largest producer of medical devices worldwide.

Medtronic had the lowest value of the price to tangible book value ratio. Its weight of 12.79% is currently the highest of all indicators in our model.

Price to tangible book value (PTBV) compares the company market capitalization to all of its assets minus intangible assets (intellectual property, goodwill) and liabilities. Stocks that have a lower PTBV ratio are viewed as a better buying opportunities than those with high PTBV.


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Market Sentiment

Market Sentiment