Monthly Picks – July

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Monthly Picks – July

In the following report, we give you an overview of selected stock titles every month, with an explanation of the crucial indicators. Due to these indicators, stock titles were evaluated as a good investment opportunity. As a result of the correct interpretation of the indicators and their good understanding, you investors can take advantage of the financial market’s investment opportunity.

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Among the stocks that have high potential to grow in July are:

General Motors Company (GM)ranked 4th in our list  

General Motors Company brings together many well-known American brands, such as Chevrolet and Cadillac, making this company one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. In recent years, the company has also recorded large sales in Asia. The company’s major products include automobiles, trucks and automotive components.

Its autocorrelation has changed significantly for the better in the last month. It was one of the most significant improvements of the analyzed stocks. This is the main reason for the excellent valuation of this stock because the weight of this indicator is 6.32 % in our model. Autocorrelation is a technical indicator that measures how much historical prices correlate with current prices. If a stock’s price rises and its autocorrelation is high, we can presume that its price will keep surging.

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Booking Holdings Inc (BKNG) ranked 10th in our list  

Booking Holding Inc is a provider of online travel and related services. This company owns world-famous brands such as, Priceline and KAYAK. The services of these companies are available worldwide. With the help of these platforms, it is possible to book a place in more than 28 million hotels, apartments, etc. Thanks to the current boom in tourism, this company appears to be a good investment opportunity.

The company shows above-average values of volume CCI. It means that the trading activity is soaring. Our model perceives this as a positive signal that the stock is undervalued. Volume CCI is a technical indicator that compares an asset’s current volume to its historical volume.

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JP Morgan Chase & Company (JPM) ranked 18th in our list  

Covering more than 100 markets worldwide, the company currently has more than $2.6T+ in assets under management and is one of the oldest financial institutions in the US. With a market capitalization of USD 335B and a massive amount of assets under management, it is the largest bank in the USA.

The company achieved the best OCF rating of all companies analyzed by our model. OCF measures the amount of cash a company generates. It indicates whether a company can generate enough cash flow to maintain and grow its operations. Having a higher operating cash flow is always preferred.

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