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All successful investors have one thing in common. They use tools that help them make successful investment decisions. Studies have shown that it is not easy for the average trader to compete with the resource and speed of institutional traders and algorithms. That is why using tools like ours is so important.

The highest performance on the stock market is achieved when expertise meets technology. Our users are beating the S&P 500 Index by 20% on average when buying the 20 most undervalued stocks monthly. Build your own investment strategy based on long-term research and strong data.

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This is a package for active traders, who need up-to-date predictions for their decision-making process  and have the drive to reach further with their investments. You can always take a break and upgrade to the highest package to use our proven strategies and get full support from our team.

What can you do with the trader package?

Achieve results

  • Minimise risks and
    achieve better performance

Daily and monthly reports

  • Have access to all, the up to date, stock picks from our daily and monthly reports in the StockPicking Lab


  • Backtest patterns and receive on-time alerts in the Pattern Lab

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Have full insight into the results of new daily and monthly reports in the StockPicking Lab and full access to the tools in the Pattern Lab.