Aggressive Strategy

Aggressive Strategy

The AP US Large-Cap Aggressive

It is advisable for investors pursuing high returns on their investment who don’t mind dips, which they can easily catch up on for a long time.

Aims to outperform the S&P 500 in absolute return while taking similar risks, achieving high return and average volatility.


Backtested performance since 2008


Higher performance than S&P 500
Advantages of this strategy
High performance
An average annual return of 17.25 %
The maximum decline since 2008 was 45.54 %
Based on machine learning and artificial intelligence
S&P 500 AP Aggressive
Initial capital $ 100 000 $ 100 000
Final capital $ 331 290.11 $ 903 759
CAGR 9.04% 17.25%
Max drawdown -47.51% -45.54%

Note: The results represent the sample period for which the promotional materials were made, 01/2008-11/2021. From 01/2008 to 05/2020, the results represent a backtest.

Beat the market on absolute return.
For investors pursuing high returns on their investment.
Real trading results from 6/2020

Since 1st June, 2020, we have been applying the strategy live on the Interactive Brokers account.

Performance comparison of our AP Aggressive Strategy with the S&P 500
Drawdowns comparison of our AP Aggressive Strategy with the S&P 500

Empirical research in statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Based on these tools, we can automatically rate stocks from the most undervalued to the most overvalued and determine which stocks shall become part of this strategy. The portfolio is rebalanced at regular monthly intervals. The aggressive strategy consists of long positions only and does not use any financial leverage. Therefore, it works best with brokers enabling the trading of fractional shares.

The stated results do not take into account stock exchange fees and taxes. When applying the strategy at Interactive Brokers, the fees are approximately 300 USD per year for non-US residents. No fees apply to US residents.