The StockPicking Lab allows you to pick the best stocks, create your data-driven stock portfolio or use our proven strategy.

The system provides a new list of stocks from the S&P 100 Index every day, sorted from the most undervalued to the most overvalued ones. It generates predictions for the next day, month, and year. This service also includes personalised orders to Interactive Brokers.

The StockPicking Lab is an AI-powered data tool for a smart decision-making process in the stock market. Our research team has developed a model for market inefficiency exploitation (researchers call it no-arbitrage condition violation).

You can build your portfolio with a tool designed to ’beat the market’.

Why use StockPicking Lab?

Beat the market

  • 2237 predictors are being used to calculate a score for each company every single day.

  • For the same purpose, the best financial analysts use less than 100 predictors.

  • In actual operations, our 20 most recommended stocks are beating the S&P 500 index by 3-to-1.

Freedom of choice

  • The StockPicking Lab gives you financial independence on your own terms.

  • Use our evidence-based, proven long-term strategy for passive investing or trade actively with the up-to-date reports.

No wasteful intermediaries

  • Deposit and withdraw your money easily anytime.

  • No binding contracts and fees.

  • The democratization of finance is here.

How to use StockPicking Lab

Select your investment horizon

Receive predictions for the next day, month or year.

Build your portfolio

Choose stocks from our current sorted list.

Start trading in modern applications

e.g. Interactive Brookers, eToro, Robinhood, Revolut, …

Rebalance your portfolio

Repeat this process when your chosen investment horizon expires and take advantage of our automatic alerts.

…or have a look at the video guide

Don’t hesitate and join us now!