“It is a fact that any equity portfolio composed of S&P representatives or directly from the ETF will surpass all pension funds in the Czech Republic in the next 10 years.”

JUDr. Lumír Schejbal
Managing Partner, SCHEJBAL & PARTNERS s.r.o., Law Firm

“In my practice, I have never met a company in the Czech Republic that uses such advanced statistical and AI methods to predict the behavior of stock markets as CCFR does. I am proud that Masaryk University can bring its expertise to the calculations.”

Oleg Deev, Ph. D.
Head of the Department of Finance and Director of the Institute of Financial Complex Systems of Masaryk University in Brno

“As part of joint research of Mendel University in Brno and CCF RESEARCH, a.s. my team and I are analyzing financial articles using machine learning methods. Besides that, we are using various models to identify the correlation of sentiment with stock price movements.”

Ing. Jan Přichystal, Ph.D.
Department of Informatics, Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel University in Brno


Last year I started investing in stocks. The learning process was difficult and I wasn’t able to achieve a good yield on my own. I tried to make my portfolio with the help of a few stock screeners, but only with the Analytical Platform, I have managed to achieve my desired results.

Vaclav B. (27)
Mechanical Engineer, investment strategies user

I used to spend 6 hours per day analyzing candlestick charts. Since I started using the Pattern Lab tools I just have to set up alerts and wait for the pattern to occur. I was also able to evaluate my previous strategies and found out that some of them were only effective in a short-term period.

Stevan H. (23)
Active Trader, Pattern Lab user

I used to invest in ETFs, however, I wanted to achieve better yields, without additional risk. The Stock Picking Lab allowed me to choose only the best stocks from the Index.

Sona A. (27)
Project Manager, Stock ranking user

I used to have an investment advisor who completely managed my portfolio. Unfortunately, my account was in a big deficit. Since I started with the Hedged strategy, I managed to catch up with my previous losses.

Nina V. (45)
Laboratory technician, AP US Large-Cap Hedged 1.5X Shares strategy user

I am successfully using the AP Hedged strategy. In addition to the excellent results during last year, I was able to use part of the money I made for some necessary house repairs, without any withdrawal fees.

Michal V. (45)
Chief Marketing Officer, AP US Large-Cap Hedged 1.5X Shares strategy user

Finally, I do not pay unnecessary fees and commissions for nothing. Great analytical reports! I used to pay 5% a year for account management and 25% profit commission, all of this is in the past now.

Marko S. (27)
Integrative Urban Development Engineer, AP US Large-Cap Aggressive strategy user

The StockPicking Lab allows me to create my own investment strategy. Every time I get an up-to-date report, I filter out stocks that I don’t really like. Then I buy the 10 most undervalued stocks on the eToro platform. With this strategy, I made 13.47% in the last 5 months.

Tom P. (30)
English Teacher, Stock ranking user

What I like the most is the fact that the lists of stocks are based on advanced research. If anything goes wrong, my investment is still secured by the largest American companies. In addition, the account is protected by the broker and I have the portfolio under control all the time.

Jiří S. (51)
CEO, AP US Large-Cap Hedged 1.5X Shares strategy user

I used to have money in the bank or at securities traders. After deducting the fees, I was never satisfied with the results. I also used to buy government bonds.
I use AP US Large-Cap Hedged 1.5X Shares strategy and my appreciation was 53% in 25 months. The important thing for me is that there are no big dips in my portfolio. So far, I am very satisfied!

Vladimir F. (66)
Programmer, AP US Large-Cap Hedged 1.5X Shares strategy user