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Our stock picking strategies are beating the market

The SP 500 index, which includes the 500 largest publicly traded American companies, has grown more than 24 times in the last 36 years. Historically, it represents one of the best investment opportunities, which is also covered at all times by the assets of the world’s largest companies such as GOOGL or MC Donald.

When investing in stocks, you can buy ETFs composed e.g. from the whole SP 500 index, or build your portfolio smartly by choosing the right stocks., that’s what we do. We offer up-to-date robust strategies composed of the most undervalued stocks. Get the order, rebalance a portfolio once a year and earn more.

Low drop rate and high performance

  • The average annual yield is 17 %

  • The maximum drop-down in the last 10 years was 13 %

  • The robust strategy brings an interesting return and minimizes risks

Up-to date stock reports

  • Every day fresh report with the calculated list of stocks

  • 2237 features and around 1 920 464 500 numbers in every calculation

  • Batch as simple as in electronic banking

All needed support

  • Full support with using our application and help with brokerage applications as well

  • Tax application and support

  • No hidden fees and other nonsense

Building trust is our main objective

See expected investment returns and minimise the risk of failure.

Present easier to your clients

Show your clients what they can expect with various examples.

Strategy scenarios – 10 years outlook

Positive strategy scenario after 1 year

Avarage strategy scenario after 1 year

Negative strategy scenario after 1 year