When making our product packages, we wanted to make sure that there is something for everyone. For professional Asset Managers, Advisors but also for the general public.


For those who are new in stock-picking


  • Limited StockPicking Lab

  • Limited daily and montly reports

  • Full access to Pattern Lab


For those who are trading regularly

9 USD per month

  • Limited StockPicking Lab

  • Regular daily and montly reports

  • Limited annual reports

  • Full access to Pattern Lab

Asset Manager

Personalised orders for Interactive Brokers


  • Full access to StockPicking Lab

  • Regular daily, monthly and annual reports

  • IBKR rebalancing orders and advisory

  • Tax application and advisory

  • Full access to Pattern Lab


Our Beginner Package is for anyone who wants to improve their trading strategy and is looking for excellent first-class, AI-driven tools. Our goal is to give users the possibility to see the world of finances through the eyes of Artificial Intelligence and give them access to tools similar to ones used by the best European Funds for affordable prices

The beginner’s package is a testing package, and it gives you the possibility to understand our application and objectives better.

After testing and understanding what we have to offer, you are not a beginner anymore. You are becoming a real trader


We are happy to offer the Trader Package to everyone experienced in building their stock investing strategies. It is for those who know exactly what they need to achieve success in trading and in the stock market.

You know how much time and energy investing in the stock market may take and we are here to prove that AI in finances works, is faster and that you can control it, adjust it to your strategies and combine it with your already acquired knowledge.

We in Analytical Platform believe, that our product is going to save 90% of your time and help you reduce stock-market stress by minimising investment risks.

Asset Manager

You do not want to spend more time on trading than necessary?
Are you someone who doesn’t want to spend more time on trading than is necessary?

Make the most of our robust strategy that aims to minimise the losses in your portfolio and achieve an average of 17% annual appreciation.

Receive a personalized order for Interactive Brokers, a tax app, a tax advisor, and our professional support.

Use the best analytics on the market and keep your portfolio under constant control.

Are you a financial advisor?

Contact us and finally start selling meaningful and fair products.