The Pattern Lab is the first and only candlestick pattern management application on the market. It allows you to test all your trading strategies built on candlestick patterns and receive alerts, when your chosen patterns occur in real-time.

Our system processes your backtests with the use of artificial intelligence which is, therefore, faster and able to process a large number of qualitative and quantitative inputs, which often cannot be easily identified.

The uniqueness of the Pattern Lab lies in the expert know-how of patterns of behavior, which are the result of ten years of application in the investment decision-making process. It is therefore not an over-optimized output, but a proven expert knowledge combined with regular statistical analysis.

Why use Pattern Lab?

Automated Backtesting

  • The Pattern Lab provides backtesting of more than 60 patterns for more than 1300 assets on monthly, weekly or daily time frames.

  • All automated in one application.

Risk Control

  • Setup your entry and exit rules, such as risk, direction, profit target, and stop-loss. 

  • Use market rules and predefined risk-rewards and transparently evaluate your investment ideas.


  • Receive on-time alerts on your preferred, backtested patterns. 

  • We have managed to shorten the process of, for instance, 10 years period backtesting to less than a minute.

How to use the Pattern Lab

Initial setup

Choose a timeframe, candlestick pattern, favourite asset, risk per trade, take profit and stop loss.


Run a fast backtest.

Result inspecting

Inspect the results for the choosen strategy.


Check if any adjustmenst are needed for the desired strategy and save your preferences automatically.

Set alerts

Receive an e-mail notification  when your chosen pattern occurs.
No more missed opportunities!

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