How to use Analytical Platform strategies

Do you apply DIY (Do-it-yourself) investing method?

Here is a guide to applying our investment strategies.

Just open a margin account at the world’s biggest broker; IBKR

Interactive Brokers is one of the oldest and most established brokers in the world. You can invest securely with insurance up to $500,000. Easy to use and suitable for our platform users.

Set up the “Day Trading” and “Fractional Shares” options

Go to the IBKR website, find the options, and just allow both of these actions.

Fund your IBKR Account

Depending on your budget, fund your IBKR account. To work with us more efficiently and pay the least amount of fees, we suggest at least $5,000 to start.

Get the rebalance order from our platform

We will send you a bunch of orders (with .csv) depending on your preferred strategy.

Import order to the IBKR TWS

Just upload that .csv file we sent to you to the Trader Workstation Interactive Brokers platform.

And that’s about it

Do the same thing next month or in the preferred rebalancing frequency.

Do you prefer any assistance?

We can do everything for you while you are sipping your morning coffee!