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StockPicking Lab
Pattern Lab
Find undervalued and overvalued stocks.

For each ticker, we use 2237 predictors to calculate its score every day. For the same purpose, the best financial analysts use less than 100 predictors.

Minimise the investment risk and save your time. Create your own stock portfolio today or use our proven strategy including the orders to Interactive Brokers.
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Backtest patterns and receive on-time alerts.

1st and only price pattern management application on the market. It provides backtesting of more than 60 Patterns for more than 1300 assets.

Go to sleep, enjoy your life and let our Pattern Lab work for you. Don’t worry, we will notify you when something important is happening on the market.
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If you are hesitant, while deciding on diversification, risk management, and finding suitable investments – try out our tools and gear up your portfolio.


Those who grow up with Revolut or eToro


  • Limited Stock Picking Lab

  • Limited daily and monthly reports

  • Full access to Pattern Lab


Building passive income on a regular basis

9 USD per month

  • Limited Stock Picking Lab

  • Regular daily and monthly reports

  • Limited annual reports

  • Full access to Pattern Lab

Asset Manager

Personalised orders for Interactive Brokers


  • Full access to Stock Picking Lab

  • Regular daily, monthly and annual reports

  • Full access to Pattern Lab

  • IBKR rebalancing orders and advisory

  • Tax application and advisory

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Artificial intelligence in Finance

The usage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the world of finances is spreading continuously and the right usage is encouraging many to explore the world of investing. Most banks and serious funds are highly aware of the possible benefits, that these perspectives may bring.

We, in Analytical Platform, believe that AI-driven tools are crucial for making the right decisions on the stock and capital market, not only for financial companies and financial advisors but also for general public. Adaption of AI in personal finances is crucial for one’s financial independence.

When calculating our results and preparing a list of undervalued and overvalued stocks, worth investing in, our StockPickingLab uses a huge number of features to cover all relevant and beneficial data. This is possible only with the right AI model, which is saving our precious time by reducing the need for repetitive work, lowering false positives and human errors, and enabling task automation.