For those who are new in stock picking

The beginner package includes

Try out our capital market tools

The key to success of every investment journey on the capital market is having great tools. A study of eToro day traders found nearly 80% had lost their money over a 12 month period.

Validate your investment strategy and the stocks you want to invest in. Try out the Analytical Platform app and get better yields.

Do you want better results?

Is this package right for you?

This package allows you to get to know our application and have limited access to the features that can help you improve your trading and investing practices. Start using these tools that help you make less risky decisions. After testing the tools, you can upgrade to the trader package and have full access to daily and monthly stock reports.

What can you do with the beginner package?

Workflow of

  • Understand how the application works

Daily and monthly reports

  • Have a look at most of the stocks from our daily and monthly reports in the StockPicking Lab


  • Backtest patterns and receive on-time alerts in the Pattern Lab

Sign in and learn

by doing

Have full insight into the results of all expired reports in the StockPicking Lab and full access to the tools in the Pattern Lab.