For passive investors

Are you looking for a long-term investment strategy?

This package is for passive investors who want to see their money grow year by year.

For this purpose, we have developed investment strategy based on our ultramodern statistical methods and artificial intelligence principles.

This advanced strategy combines the approach of investing in individual stocks and exchange-traded funds.

Why should you invest in the stock market?

Why should you choose our strategy?

Low drop rate and high performance

Maximum drop-down was 17.1 % in the last 12 years

Good diversification across 40 different companies from the US market

Average annual yield of 14 %

Yearly rebalancing

What does our package include?

How does it work?

The S&P 100 Balanced Strategy is generated by our StockPicking Lab application. It creates your portfolio by identifying the most undervalued and overvalued stocks for the following year. So that we can update your portfolio as a rebalancing order, you are going to need a brokerage account. Being one of the largest US brokers available at the moment, we recommend you use InteractiveBrokers. Our team is going to walk you through all of those steps.


  • You don’t need any advanced knowledge about stocks or investing

  • You are going to get full support with using our application and setting up a brokerage account

  • You receive help with taxes in the form of a tax application

  • When investing larger sums, you also get the assistance of a tax advisor

Security and protection

  • There are no third parties involved, you are the owner of the brokerage account

  • You are in control of your funds and you can withdraw your money at any time

  • Your stock portfolio is protected by the broker up to $500,000

  • If your total return does not exceed 10%, you will get our analytical report for the next year free of charge

See what you can expect

Strategy scenarios – 10 years outlook

Positive strategy scenario after 1 year

Average strategy scenario after 1 year

Negative strategy scenario after 1 year