Analytical Platform is an investment assistant with a mission to help its users invest better. To achieve that, we develop investing strategies with predictable returns and risks. We use machine learning, data analysis and artificial intelligence to evaluate stocks and create stock-investing strategies. To examine the performance of our strategies, we test them on historical data and live trading accounts. Our users choose an investment strategy that corresponds to their investment goals and apply it to their brokerage account with the help of our web application.

Key People

Ing. Vladimír Vacula

Vláďa is the key person in combining data and text analysis segments with vast experience from international companies.

Ing. Michal Dufek

Michal is the head of development in the data analysis field, in Bayesian statistics and time series modeling.

Ing. Jiří Fuchs

Jiří is the founder and CEO of the company, responsible for its development and its products.


The provider of the Analytical Platform services is the company CCFR SOFTWARE, s.r.o. The application is based on research driven by our sister company CCF RESEARCH, a.s. in cooperation with Mendel University in Brno, Masaryk University in Brno and other partners.

Our goal is to achieve better and more stable results, reduce risk and operating costs of asset management. We verify and implement ideas and mathematical procedures that are completely new in mathematical and IT theory. We transfer outputs of our research and development to sub-applications used by portfolio managers.